Introducing The Universal Beauty Collection LE! This gorgeous set of 10 beautiful shades is earth and sky, fire and water! Feel your connection to the beauty of our universe! And as always, priced very afforably to suit any budget!

Fire Opal
You Tube video of Fire Opal

Fire Opal - Pale pale pink/coral that shifts through a slightly darker coral to a pale gold. Stunning with a rainbow of color shifting sparkles! Ethereal and delicate!

Ingredients, Safety, Etc.
Fire Opal - The Universal Beauty Collection
Plum Perfect
You Tube video of Plum Perfect

Plum Perfect - Lovely plummy purple laced with bright copper sparks! Simple and elegant!

Ingredients, Safety, Etc.
Plum Perfect - The Universal Beauty Collection
Mossy Mauve
You Tube video of Mossy Mauve

Mossy Mauve - Deep mauve matte base with a shimmering teal overlay, not sparkly but very lustrous! Unusual and unique!

Ingredients, Safety, Etc.
Mossy Mauve - The Universal Beauty Collection
Field & Stream
You Tube video of Field & Stream

Field & Stream - A grassy green with a shift to a dusty blue, sparkling with blue and gold stars! Both fresh and faded!

Ingredients, Safety, Etc.
Field & Stream - The Universal Beauty Collection
Faerie Forest
You Tube video of Faerie Forest

Faerie Forest - A deep brown based green with a strong shift to teal, lit with copper sparkle and pink to gold color shifting lights! Smoky, dark, mysterious!

Ingredients, Safety, Etc.
Faerie Forest - The Universal Beauty Collection
High Tide
You Tube video of High Tide

High Tide - Beautiful bright blue with a lovely lavender sheen, dripping with blue sparkle and gold to green to aqua color shifting glitter! Different and very sparkly!

Ingredients, Safety, Etc.
High Tide - The Universal Beauty Collection
You Tube video of Stormcloud

Stormcloud - A dusty purple grey dotted with tiny golden sparks! Frosty and fine!

Ingredients, Safety, Etc.
Stormcloud - The Universal Beauty Collection
Solar Flare
You Tube video of Solar Flare

Solar Flare - Beautiful bright orange satin with the barest hint of a pink sheen, studded with bright gold glitter! Bold and brilliant!

Ingredients, Safety, Etc.
Solar Flare - The Universal Beauty Collection
Sweet Sunset
You Tube video of Sweet Sunset

Sweet Sunset - A pale blue with a shift to lavender with a strong pink overtone, twinkling with tiny sparks of gold, copper, lavender, and blue! Soft and demure!

Ingredients, Safety, Etc.
Sweet Sunset - The Universal Beauty Collection
Space Dust
You Tube video of Space Dust

Space Dust - Deep deep blue/black loaded with gold and purple glitter and tiny blue sparks! Dark glistening glory!

Ingredients, Safety, Etc.
Space Dust - The Universal Beauty Collection

Sample Set of all 10 of The Universal Beauty Colors $5.00 + .70 Shipping

Full Size Set of all 10 of The Universal Beauty Colors $30.00

*Some of the Synthetic Flourophylogopite and/or Calcium Sodium Borosilicate in these shades meet FDA criteria for general cosmetic use, including eyes. However, it is not yet confirmed that the large particle size of the product meets FDA standards for eye safety specifically. At this time, these shades are offered "as is" with no positive statement made on the use for eyes. You can learn more about our Ingredients, Safety, Etc. HERE!