Introducing the Spring 2017 Collection: Boldly Beautiful! Colors this season are bright, bold, and daring, and here you will find 15 beautiful shades chosen for their brilliance. Happy shopping!

The Last Frost

The Last Frost - An intense white, semi-translucent pearl, sporting two sizes of brilliant silver sparkle. Perfect as either a lid color or a highlighter!

Ingredients, Safety, Etc.
The Last Frost - Spring 2017: Boldly Beautiful
Spring's Kiss

Spring's Kiss - A lovely poodle pink pearl, with a lovely green/aqua sheen that shifts back fully to pink, loaded with brilliant pink sparkle and tiny flecks of green. Flowery and fun!

Ingredients, Safety, Etc.
Spring's Kiss - Spring 2017: Boldly Beautiful
Rain Washed Sky

Rain Washed Sky - A vibrant cerulean blue with a hint of lavender, dripping in blue sparkle and scattered with violet stars. You won't have the blues wearing this shade!

Ingredients, Safety, Etc.
Rain Washed Sky - Spring 2017: Boldly Beautiful
Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet - An intense purple, with scatterings of blue, purple, and pink glitter. Bold, bright, and beautiful!

Ingredients, Safety, Etc.
Ultra Violet - Spring 2017: Boldly Beautiful
Electric Orange

Electric Orange - A red/orange base with a very strong golden sheen and hints of green, with lots of golden sparkle, it can look red, orange, gold, and golden green. Based on an automotive paint also named Electric Orange, this shade is a robust chameleon!

Ingredients, Safety, Etc.
Electric Orange - Spring 2017: Boldly Beautiful
Fiery Red Rose

Fiery Red Rose - A rich semi-matte red base, drenched with pink to gold color shifting sparkle. It would make a lovely lip or cheek shade too!

Ingredients, Safety, Etc.
Fiery Red Rose - Spring 2017: Boldly Beautiful
Crystal Jade

Crystal Jade - A beautiful golden green with lots of gold and blue and green/gold/blue color shifting sparkle. Fresh and fabulous!

Ingredients, Safety, Etc.
Crystal Jade - Spring 2017: Boldly Beautiful
Dew Drenched Grass

Dew Drenched Grass - A basic grassy green semi-pearl bejeweled with two different sizes of green sparkle. You can smell fresh cut grass just looking at it!

Ingredients, Safety, Etc.
Dew Drenched Grass - Spring 2017: Boldly Beautiful

Sapling - A beautiful beige pearl with a lovely pink overtone that disappears on a shift to just beige, loaded with golden sparkle and slight hints of green. A perfect neutral for any occasion!

Ingredients, Safety, Etc.
Sapling - Spring 2017: Boldly Beautiful
Summer's Soil

Summer's Soil - An earthy deep brown with a subtle gold overtone that is loaded with brilliant sparkle that shifts from copper to gold to a greenish gold. Down to earth but fun at the same time!

Ingredients, Safety, Etc.
Summer's Soil - Spring 2017: Boldly Beautiful
Spring Dress

Spring Dress - A buttery bright yellow semi-pearl, dancing with pink, blue, and copper sparks. Daring and dramatic!

Ingredients, Safety, Etc.
Spring Dress - Spring 2017: Boldly Beautiful
Love at First Sight

Love at First Sight - A deep orange/pink semi-matte that shifts to a true orange, glistening with bright sapphire sparks and gold to pink color shifting sparkle. It is darker than Red Skies at Night and pairs with it very well. You will fall in love at first sight!

Ingredients, Safety, Etc.
Love at First Sight - Spring 2017: Boldly Beautiful
Galaxy of Summer Skies

Galaxy of Summer Skies - A "wet" color, this shade is based in brilliant silver, with a strong lavender overtone and a subtle golden sheen, lit with bright blue to purple color shifting sparks. It is fairly water proof. Unique and surprising, you don't want to miss this one!

Ingredients, Safety, Etc.
Galaxy of Summer Skies - Spring 2017: Boldly Beautiful
Setting Sun

Setting Sun - A Brassy golden color with a pink sheen that subtlety shifts to an almost green shade, it is a "wet" shadow, applies smoothly to a lighter shade than this photo would indicate. It has little pink sparks and is fairly water proof. A must have for those hot summer nights!

Ingredients, Safety, Etc.
Setting Sun - Spring 2017: Boldly Beautiful
Red Skies at Night

Red Skies at Night - A beautiful coral pink with purple, golden, and pink to gold color shifting glitter. Lovely for work or play!

Ingredients, Safety, Etc.
Red Skies at Night - Spring 2017: Boldly Beautiful

Sample Set of all 15 of The Spring 2017: Boldly Beautiful Collection LE Colors $11.25

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*Please see our Ingredient page here to learn about the use of Synthetic Flourophylogopite.