Introducing The Secret Garden Collection LE! Secret Garden is a 10-color set that is carefree and fun, with lots of sparkle and plenty of pretty! As with all of the Small Sets, it is priced very affordably to suit any budget, perfect for Spring or anytime!

Well Kept Secret
You Tube video of Well Kept Secret

Well Kept Secret - Brilliant bright orange with a pink cast glittering with golden and color shifting glitter that goes from pink to gold! Springlike and happy!

Ingredients, Safety, Etc.
Well Kept Secret - The Secret Garden Collection
You Tube video of Fountain

Fountain - A brilliant blue with a golden and green tinge to it, loaded with bright blue and green glitter! This one will really light up your eyes!

Ingredients, Safety, Etc.
Fountain - The Secret Garden Collection
Forged Silver
You Tube video of Forged Silver

Forged Silver - A muted pewter, graced with tiny flecks of gold and violet! Perfect for smokey eyes!

Ingredients, Safety, Etc.
Forged Silver - The Secret Garden Collection
Pink Poodle Parade
You Tube video of Pink Poodle Parade

Pink Poodle Parade - A bright and happy medium pink, sparkling with pretty pink shimmers! Just like a poodle skirt!

Ingredients, Safety, Etc.
Pink Poodle Parade - The Secret Garden Collection
Green Tourmaline
You Tube video of Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline - A complex green sporting a pinkish sheen and a teal shift, dancing with golden glitter and color shifting sparkle that runs gold to teal. Fascinating and fun!

Ingredients, Safety, Etc.
Green Tourmaline - The Secret Garden Collection
Miss or Hit
You Tube video of Miss or Hit

Miss or Hit - Sassy red based purple swimming in silver glitter! Bold and beautiful!

Ingredients, Safety, Etc.
Miss or Hit - The Secret Garden Collection
You Tube video of Tawny

Tawny - A burgundy pink with a slight shift to an orange overtone, drenched in bright pink sparkle! Like a fine wine, robust and delicious!

Ingredients, Safety, Etc.
Tawny - The Secret Garden Collection
*Some of the Synthetic Flourophylogopite and/or Calcium Sodium Borosilicate in these shades meet FDA criteria for general cosmetic use, including eyes. However, it is not yet confirmed that the large particle size of the product meets FDA standards for eye safety specifically. At this time, these shades are offered "as is" with no positive statement made on the use for eyes. You can learn more about our Ingredients, Safety, Etc. HERE!

That said, we have used them on our own eyes and found that the particle size is not irritating or much different from many glitters that are specifically eye approved by the FDA. Dawn Eyes Cosmetics is assuming that the general use specification is valid and selling these products on an "at your own risk" basis. Thank you for your understanding.